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Before we arrive:

1. Make sure all areas you are having cleaned are as clear as possible.

2. Pin or tie up curtains, bed skirts, or any other hanging fabric that may come into contact with your carpet during the cleaning process.

3. Clean all surface debris, and vacuum floors as thoroughly as possible.

4. Identify areas of concern. whether it is pet stains, pet odor, wine stains, traffic areas, makeup or any other stains or odor problem areas. with as much of the correct information as possible our expert technicians will be able to make a plan to correctly treat your floors, and give you the cleanest carpeting we can, what we call “Bailies Clean!“.

When we arrive:

1. Secure all pets. We will need to leave the entry door slightly open to accommodate our hoses.

2. our technician will consult with you to determine what problem areas and concerns you may have, and what treatment plan is best for your job. let us know what type of stains your carpet may have as well as you can. For instance, wine stains will have different treatment plans than pet stains, food stains, blood stains, etc. it is important to identify all areas that have been stained, soiled or need to be treated prior to making our cleaning solution. Pet odor and pet stains require treatment prior to the steam extraction.

While we are cleaning


1. Please stay clear of our equipment! Our carpet cleaning equipment uses extremely hot ( up to 280°f. ) hot pressurized water. Our solution line, its connectors and many pieces of our equipment are very hot and can cause burns. Please make sure children are supervised and understand the danger of touching the equipment!

2. Turn on all ceiling fans and other fans to help the clean carpet dry faster.

3. Remember to watch your step when walking from wet floors to dry areas. Wood, tile and linoleum can be very slippery!

After we leave:

1. Allow up to 8 hours for carpets to completely dry before returning furniture or other items that do not have rubber or plastic bottoms.

2. Our specialized crystallizing rinse formula keeps working for hours after we leave.

-Vacuum your floors 24 hours after we finish to remove any debris the rinse encapsulated and removed.

3. Feel free to call us if you have any concerns, we stand behind our work!